Skip's Edtech Jobs: January 6, 2024

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Happy New Year!

I hope this new year brings you peace where you are and peace where you are going. And moments of joy in both.

~ Chelsea


These are only some of the jobs I’ve posted this week! View all the remote jobs.


Khan Academy is hiring a Content Associate, Science for a one-year contract. The Content Associate will develop high-quality hands-on activities for Khan's free high school chemistry or physics activities. They are looking for educators with 2+ years experience developing science content aligned with NGSS. $70/hour (25 hours a week)

Star Autism is hiring a Curriculum Developer with 3+ years working with autistic students and curriculum development. The Curriculum Developer will create content for all ages and subject areas. $55-75k

Instructure is hiring an Instructional Designer with Canvas LMS and advanced graphic design skills. The ID will collaborate with institutions to create custom learning experiences, including curriculum materials and custom graphics. $70-80k


DemandBase is hiring a Customer Learning Consultant with 2+ years experience working in a corporate learning environment. The Learning Consultant will work with clients to develop training and ongoing support as they implement DemandBase's products. $90-125k

The Audubon Society is hiring a Learning Manager with 5+ years experience in adult learning or professional development. The Learning Manager will assess needs and create a structured learning environment, including onboarding and ongoing education. $100-110k


Thrive Scholars is hiring a Program Manager, Communications & Events who has 4+ years relevant experience. The Program Manager will manage communications (email, newsletter, social media, etc) with scholars and coordinate virtual and in-person events. $59-65k

NAMI is hiring a Manager, Success Teams who will establish and implement effective team procedures and processes and respond to team-related customer complaints, including by creating trainings and technical support. 2-4 years supervisory experience. $60-67k.

Campus Compact is hiring a Youth Action Board Coordinator with 3+ years higher ed experience. The Coordinator will develop and coordinate programs and initiatives focused on empowering students and their peers to be youth changemakers through a foundation partner’s Youth Action Board (YAB) program. $55-65k


I’m temporarily pausing state-specific remote jobs. I’d love to hear feedback about whether this is a feature I should bring back or sunset.

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