Skip's Edtech Jobs: February 10, 2024

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As I’ve been curating jobs, I sometimes run across a job description and wonder if I should share it.

Typically the role is at an edtech company but doesn’t explicitly ask for an education or edtech background.

So it seems like an obvious no.

But then there’s this line, “strong, demonstrated commitment to our mission.”

So I add it to the list.

Why? Because I don’t see this line on most of the jobs I post and sometimes I don’t even see it on all the jobs the company posts.

So when it is added, that tells me the hiring manager feels mission-alignment matters. And, often, mission alignment is what makes the difference between two equally wonderful candidates in the final decision of whom to hire.

~I hope you find some fantastic jobs to apply to this weekend,


By a 3 to 1 margin, y’all don’t like sales! I’ve got my work cut out for me with next week’s post about why sales might be worth considering.

One theme was that people feel they could only sell something they felt strongly about. I enjoyed this comment, “Hate is a really strong word, but I would really have to love, love, love the product to be able to sell it.” Some people also felt that sales people are often disingenuous or pushy. All true!

But those are also the reasons I think more educators should consider sales roles — we know how to persuade and how to identify real needs and can share them with client without being slimy. I think a lot of companies realize that pushy sales tactics drive customers away and are starting to think about more effective ways to help people understand their products.

The other worry I heard was around compensation — while sales roles often have eye-popping earnings potential, they also often have a base salary that’s lower. (Not all companies work this way, though, including many edtech companies that have a base in the $60s.)


These are only some of the jobs I’ve posted this week! View all the remote jobs.


PBL Works is hiring a Curriculum Developer with 2+ years experience developing curriculum and professional development assessment materials outside their classroom and ELA/ELD/Literacy SME. The Curriculum Developer will develop content as well as coach a team of writers. $100-105k

The News Literacy Project is hiring a Senior Director, District Engagement with 5+ years school or district level admin experience. The Director will design and drive their district engagement strategy in large school districts to increase news literacy instruction and the use of NLP's tools and manage two direct reports. $100k


Jenzabar is hiring a Senior Business Consultant with at least 3+ years experience in higher ed. The Consultant will provide training and consulting services to clients implementing Jenzabar's software products. $60-78k (travel required)

Presence is hiring a Clinical Success Manager, SLP/OT with experience in special education and teletherapy. The Clinical Success Manager will provide clinical consultations for school districts and partners during the sales and implementation processes. $74k


New Leaders is hiring a Director, Engagement & Alumni Impact with 3-5 years experience in school-based professional development. The Director will engage a national network of educators to drive high achievement for all children, focusing on alumni relations, community engagement, and program evaluation. $83-99k

BetterLesson is hiring an ELA Instructional Designer with experience in professional development and at least 1+ years experience using digital authoring tools. The ELA ID will create new programming for their multi-service learning experiences, creating strategy and serving as an SME for contractors as well as overseeing and editing their work. $72-108k

PROGRAM / PROJECT MANAGEMENT is hiring a Program Manager who is skilled at operations and strategy and has worked in education. The Program Manager will design and execute new programming, including creating curriculum and training and is open to innovative ways of developing content. $127-148k


Right to be is looking for a contract Curriculum Specialist, Consultant who can work for about 60 hours on creating curriculum for k-12 students. Candidates should be familiar with anti-bullying, SEL, and similar curriculum. The Specialist will develop a framework to adapt existing curriculum for age-appropriate audiences and review and make recommendations for future projects aimed at high schoolers and elementary students. $5,000 (project)


Carnegie Learning is hiring a Product Education Manager with 5+ years experience teaching and experience with specific learning modalities. The Product Education Manager will serve as the SME for their product lines and develop and deliver training or professional learning resources to internal teams as well as to clients. $70-80k

Education Analytics is hiring a Sales Strategist with experience in sales and k-12 education. The Sales Strategist will evaluate their products and identify ideal channels for adoption through data and active sales testing. $90-120k (Travel up to 25%)


Location-specific jobs are only in the newsletter right now. But we’re getting closer to a launch of the new site!

BetterLesson is hiring a Professional Learning Facilitator, Social Studies K-8 located in LOUISIANA. $800 per in-person workshop.

Curriculum Associates is hiring Professional Learning Facilitators or Educational Consultants in the following areas: Austin,* Boston, Eastern North Carolina, Washington, Alaska, New York City, Buffalo and Rochester NY, Milwaukee, Hartford CT, and Chicago. They have a mix of full-time roles ($60-99k) and part-time, contract roles ($35-65/hour). (*if you’re in Austin, also check out TNTP!)

Kiddom is hiring four Senior Field Account Executives — in California, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas. OTE over $200k for senior-level sales roles.

Seesaw is hiring a Professional Development and Training Specialist located on the West Coast. $58-69k

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