Skip's Edtech Jobs: February 17, 2024

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Every February, I see a strong uptick in visitors to the website and followers on LinkedIn. On the company side, I’m seeing more and more companies post a job and pull it within the week (sometimes in just a few days — I posted an HMH job that showed up Tuesday and they anticipated closing it … yesterday).

It’s definitely educator hiring season.

I’ve seen a few recruiters discuss on LinkedIn when to pull a job listing down recently.

Long time ago, companies would leave them an application open for 30 days, look through the applications, and interview some folks. Now they’re often getting 1,000+ resumes in a few days. (And this isn’t just in edtech — remote jobs in general are impacted.)

That leaves recruiters with a conundrum: do they leave the job open so that they capture more candidates and get the best candidate pool or do they close it because the early bird gets the worm?

There’s no consensus which makes it challenging for you as job seekers to figure out how long you have to apply to a role. And it doesn’t help when listings on google and other job aggregators are stale by the time the alert gets to you.

I’ve also noticed that many companies leave the job description on the website (so the link is active) but take it down from their company page. So it appears open but actually isn’t.

That’s why I source directly from company’s career pages — if it’s listed there, I share it; otherwise, it goes into the archive.

~I hope you find some fantastic jobs to apply to this weekend,

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I don’t have a current LinkedIn Premium subscription right now but I’ve been noticing an increase in AI prompts on LinkedIn right now — personalized takeaways to a post, drafting messages, and even tailoring resumes to particular jobs. In addition, LinkedIn just rolled out AI messaging functions to recruiters to cut down on some of their rote or lower-value tasks. Once I get this website revamp finished, I’ll play around with LinkedIn Premium but until then, what do y’all think?!

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These are only some of the jobs I’ve posted this week! View all the remote jobs.


American Institute for Research (AIR) is hiring a Technical Assistance Associate for their Learning Supports program area. Candidates should have 2+ years experience in education with experience providing technical assistance. The TAA will provide support for MTSS to teachers and school leadership. $32/hour (full-time)

The College Board is hiring a Director, SpringBoard Implementation and Instructional Support for an 18-month role. The Director should have 5-7 years teaching experience with a preference for admin experience as well. The Director will work with the largest SpringBoard districts in the country to provide support and deliver Professional Learning. $80-120k (travel up to 40%)


Smartest Energy, a London based energy company, is hiring a US-based Training and Development Manager with 2+ years training experience. The Manager will create training content to drive operational efficiencies through elearning platforms and content hubs (Thrive, Genially, Clip Champ). $80-120k

Alma is hiring a Director, Learning & Development (L&D) with 7-10 years experience in the field, including team management experience. The Director will lead a team of 3, develop a comprehensive learning and development strategy as well as develop programs and initiatives to support high-achievement throughout the organization. $165-200k


Coding it Forward is hiring a Program Associate OR Manager (title dependent on experience) with relevant skills and experience working with students. The Program person will manage their Fellowship program, from recruitment to providing 1:1 support to fellows as well as planning regular community events. $65-75k

Promise Venture Studio is hiring a Program Associate with 4+ years of relevant experience and a background in ECE or education. The Program Associate will support program operations and build their entrepreneurial community to support innovators working on equity in early childhood education. $65-85k


Brocade Studio, which works with purpose-driven organizations (including schools), is hiring a part-time Business Development Associate for 15-20 hours a week. The BDA will collaborate to on responding to proposals, providing research on potential clients, and identifying new prospects. $30-40/hour


I’m temporarily pausing location-specific remote jobs.
But, don’t worry, I have a plan to bring them back soon!

Age of Learning is hiring a Director of Sales located on the East Coast. 4+ years edtech sales experience. $150-160k + commissions.

Wayfinder is hiring a Training Guide on the West Coast. Relevant SME teaching experience. $100/hour + $50/hour for up to 3 hours of prep.

Kiddom is hiring a remote Customer Success Manager located in San Francisco and another in Boston. 2 years industry experience. $80-125k

Edudream is hiring a Research and Evaluation Associate with a preference for candidates in Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, and Texas. 3-5 years experience in research. $60-70k

SPR is hiring a Technical Assistance Analyst (Workforce and Human Services) who will organize events and provide data reporting for grants. Relevant work skills. $65-85k Hiring in: California, Florida, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington state.

John Burton Advocates for Youth is hiring a Project Manager in Los Angeles, California. Looking for candidates with experience with homeless youth or the HS/college transition for homeless youth and providing technical project assistance. $76-86k

ACE is hiring Climate Education Presenters in Las Vegas and the Milwaukee metro area. Experience teaching high school students. Full-time $28-30/hour.

Paid grantmaking committee member opportunity in Houston. They want leaders in Houston who can speak to intergenerational poverty and economic mobility. Sounds like they need an educator on that committee! $2,500 stipend.

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