Skip's Edtech Jobs: February 24, 2024

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This past week was a database week as we’re getting closer and closer to our new website launch. My major task was to organize the database so that I’m collecting consistent information and determining the best way to connect the metadata with filters for the new website.

It’s a fun challenge to tag data so that it shows the most useful information but also doesn’t overshare. I’m still finding the balance! But once the new website launches, you’ll be able to sort by jobs that meet your minimum salary, required experience and desired job location.

Part of this week’s database work involved reviewing ~2,200 jobs from the 300 companies I regularly scraped. It’s amazing how many companies post a ton of jobs but only some of those jobs are relevant to this audience. I thought you might be interested in some of the data trends.

Out of 2,200 jobs, ~500 were suitable for folks with an education background — this included location-specific roles.

Of the ones that weren’t suitable, here’s a summary of why I didn’t select them:

  • ~300 of these roles were not looking for candidates with an education background. For example, a marketing role that just wanted candidates who had marketing experience or a software role that didn’t ask for candidates who understood education. (That latter example is one reason I recently added a ‘technical’ job category — there are some edtech companies who are looking for a combination of web development and education skills!)

  • ~350 were in-person or hybrid roles. I had a lot of fun distinguishing between a remote role that required specific state residency, a role that wanted someone in the office 2 days a week, and a remote role that require significant in-state travel. We definitely need some standardized language here! My favorite was a role that said it was ‘fully remote’ but then listed the same job title in 2-3 different cities.

  • This one surprised me: ~125 roles did not include a salary (or paid an appalling salary). I only search companies that typically post salaries and, to be honest, $60k is a very low bar with recent inflation. I definitely don’t expect to rule out this many roles because of salary!

  • ~220 were international roles

  • and then there were the jobs that I’ve been seeing since I started this project back in November. Are those companies really hiring? (Summer project: email them and ask!)

If you’re spending a ton of time on company job boards, clicking half a dozen links to find the 1 or 2 that are relevant for you, this is why. Even company job boards are the wild, wild west.

And there’s definitely no reason for us all to be clicking on the same links over and over again — which is why I’m so excited to be expanding the job board with the database and the new website!

~I hope you find some fantastic jobs to apply to this weekend,

Last Week’s Poll

The results of the poll definitely made me intrigued about the LinkedIn’s new AI features — a bunch of people who tried them said they’re actually good. I heard that it helps illuminate what LI’s ATS values which is useful for smaller companies who often use ‘easy apply’ as their only ATS. I got a lot more comments about why it’s not working!

Of course, most of you don’t regularly subscribe LinkedIn Premium. A few people commented that there’s a perception that it’s necessary for networking but that it doesn’t really facilitate meaningful connections. Until recently, I would definitely have not recommended subscribing — the features are fairly limited, and it’s expensive. I haven’t explored the new features to know whether I’ll change this recommendation in the future.


These are only some of the jobs I’ve posted this week! View all the remote jobs.


Pair Eyewear is hiring a Customer Experience Training Manager with experience in customer experience and training. The CX Training Manager will develop, implement, and continuously improve trainings to align with customer service goals and expectations, including onboarding programs, continuous education, and improved customer experience. $85-90k

The National Education Equity Lab is hiring a Learning Designer with higher ed or secondary teaching and instructional design experience. (Preference for edtech experience.) The Learning Designer will collaborate with higher ed faculty to design and develop college-credit courses for high school students. $60-80k


Interfaith America is hiring a Director of Campus Partnerships with experience in higher education. The Director will build a strong network of higher ed and network leaders, providing consulting expertise and strategic partnerships, as well as oversee campus programming. $90-100k (up to 30% travel)

Climateworks Foundation is hiring an Associate Director, Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) to design and lead internal trainings, manage external partnerships modeling inclusive and equitable practices, and pursue grant funding to expand JEDI work in the organization. 8+ years of relevant experience. $125-135k

Education Design Labs is hiring an Associate Education Designer, Community College Growth Engine with 2-5 years relevant experience. The Associate Education Designer will support a team of education designers collaborating with community colleges to design micro-pathways that are learner-centered as well as manage department communications, marketing, processes, evaluation and events. $70-80k

The national office of the YMCA is hiring a Senior Manager, Learning Centers with 7-10 years experience designing training courses. The Senior Manager will serve as a project manager for the Y's Learning Centers as well as implement their strategic direction for distributed learning. $87-116k (Travel 25-50%)

Archer Education is hiring an Associate Director, Admissions with 8+ years experience in admissions or industry experience. The AD will collaborate with partner campuses to oversee the enrollment process; establish and monitor procedures, processes, and training; and evaluate the enrollment process at each partner campus. $80k starting salary


Location-specific remote jobs update:
This week, I set up the backend infrastructure to show location-specific jobs on the new website! So we’re getting closer.

That also means I added location-specific jobs to the premium database this month! I posted 144 location-specific roles. Lots of sales and PLS-type roles (tis the season). States that had a lot of roles: Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Here are some highlighted roles from the database:

Achievement First is hiring a Superintendent to provide leadership to 41 charter schools in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. $275-300k

Reach Out and Read is hiring Program Managers in Georgia (FT: $28-34/hour) and Nebraska ($62-68k).

Ellevation is hiring a Training Solutions Manager in the Pacific or Mountain Time Zones who will offer professional development to schools in the region. $70-80k (+ 10% bonus)

Seesaw is hiring a Professional Development & Training Specialist for the Pacific region as well. $58-69k

Sora Schools has an immediate position for an online Humanities Expert (Teacher) to guide and coach students as they practice self-directed learning. Sora can hire in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia,Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia. $53-65k

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