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I haven’t seen a significant September Surge in the jobs I regularly review.

I am seeing a few more sales jobs which suggests companies are hopeful that schools will continue spending post-ESSER. But overall remote job postings are down.

Some of this is the larger job market — both LinkedIn and Indeed have published numbers showing a continued decrease in remote jobs.

But edtech jobs are a bit insulated from this trend: many edtech companies have always been remote first, even pre-pandemic. (It makes sense — when you have potential clients in 50 states, you need to hire people who can work in those states.)

Even at remote-first edtech companies, many aren’t yet working on a national level — smaller companies often work in their own state/region or target larger districts where they can test their products at scale before expanding nationally.

That’s one big reason I’ve restarted the state-specific job board: lower competition for jobs but the same mission-driven work. And state-specific jobs don’t always require travel — some companies only hire in certain states for tax purposes (I’ve currently posted jobs from Guild Education and BrainPop that meet this criteria!).

I highly recommend skimming through the state-specific job options every once in awhile because you might just find the perfect job there too!

~I hope you find some fantastic jobs to apply to this weekend,

Last Week’s Poll Results: What is Your Application-to-Interview Ratio?

Last week’s poll asked how many times people get interviews after applying to a job.

The government tracks information about job seekers and, a few years ago, the BLS analyzed how many applications a job seeker needed to submit to get a job. In 2018 (the most recent data crunching available), they found the typical Application-to-Interview Ratio was about 16%. So for every 14 jobs a typical candidate applied to, they would receive roughly 2 interviews.

The job market has changed a lot since 2018, of course! And when you’re competing with candidates nationwide for remote jobs, your application-to-interview ratio is going to be different. And, a lot of educators are applying to the same jobs you’re applying to so it’s a crowded market.

So here’s a little visual perspective to help you see how your experience aligns with other educator’s experience. I’ve shown the results of the newsletter poll and compared it with results from my surveys of clients I work with 1:1.*

The results are similar: most people are applying to a lot of jobs before they receive an interview

If you’re being asked to interview for ~10%+ of the jobs you’re applying to, you’re pretty competitive in this crowded market. If you’re getting fewer than 5% of responses from your applications, it’s definitely worth re-evaluating your application strategy.

And, I’ll be reopening 1:1s next week! Stay tuned for more information about availability.

*1:1 data has a few caveats: I work with a lot of people who haven’t started applying so I removed them from these calculations. The chart also doesn’t reflect that 10% of my clients had a higher A2I Ratio when they first met with me.

This Week’s Poll

One thing I love about this newsletter service I’m using is that you can add comments to the newsletter (click the ‘read online’ option). If you’ve found a great source for jobs, feel free to share in the comments!

How many sources do you use to look for jobs?

Job boards, newsletters, social media roundups. There are so many places you can find jobs. How many are you juggling in any given week?

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Newsela is hiring a School Engagement Manager with an education background who also has experience working with driving product adoption. The Engagement Manager will work with schools in some of the largest school districts in the company and create strategic and scaleable to increase product adoption, renewals, and expansions. $60-65k.

PREMIUM CONTENT: What kind of experience do you need to be a School Engagement Manager at Newsela?

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These are only some of the jobs I’ve posted this week! View all the remote jobs.


Age of Learning is hiring a Curriculum Designer with teaching and educational publishing experience to develop curriculum for their elementary program My Reading Academy. The Curriculum Designer will create activities and review materials for age-appropriateness. $90-105k.

Curriculum Associates is hiring a bilingual (Eng/Sp) Content Specialist (DEIB) for a full-time temporary position. The Content Specialist will review existing curriculum through a DEIB lens, create resources (including trainings, conversations, documentation) for the product team to improve how they incorporate DEIB into their work. They are looking for candidates who have advocated for DEI with leadership. $30/hour

Nearpod/Renaissance Learning is hiring a temporary Content Specialist, Financial Literacy with previous curriculum and/or teaching experience in financial literacy. The Content Specialist will develop 6-12 curriculum, including scope for units and individual lessons and resources as well as create the curriculum content and activities. $30/hour (full-time, temporary)

The College Board is hiring an Assessment Specialist for AP US History w/a relevant advanced degree and assessment development experience. The Assessment Specialist will author and revise assessment content as well as train assessment writers, project manage the assessment authorship process and coordinate relevant teams, and lead the annual scoring event. $80-130k.


Communities in Schools (CIS) is hiring a Principal, Licensed Partnerships who will work with three partners to successfully implement their dropout-prevention programs. The Principal will develop in-person and virtual trainings, provide technical assistance and coaching, and manage the full program implementation process. They are looking for candidates with a variety of skills, including a degree in education and ID experience. $95-100k.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is hiring a Director of Candidate Support, Programs and Practices. The Director will support schools and teachers pursuing board certification through developing programming, assessing current practice, and creating and maintaining program best standards. They are looking for candidates with 7-10 years experience in schools/districts and prefer candidates who are themselves Board Certified. $115-120k.

PowerSchool is hiring a Customer Education Trainer who can travel frequently to provide training to schools on integrating PowerSchool into their classrooms. They are looking for candidates with 3+ years teaching or training experience and how PowerSchool is used in school environments. $62-80k.


CAST, an education research firm dedicated to removing learning barriers for all learners, is hiring a California-based UDL Implementation Specialist. The Specialist will develop professional learning opportunities for educators, observe classroom practices, and manage multi-year implementation projects in large districts. 15+ years teaching experience. $125-135k. is hiring a RVP Community Engagement - South to manage regional strategic engagement, outreach operations and recruiting for Waterford's early literacy program. They are looking for relevant skills, including community organization.

Guild Education is hiring a Category Manager who will develop and manage one or more categories of academic programs for working adult learners. They are looking for candidates with experience in these areas. $105-127k. Guild hires in about half of US-states so check the list if you’re interested!

BrainPop is hiring a temporary Assessment Content Creator - Science who will create science assessments aligned with Next Generation Standards as well as state standards. Experience teaching k-8 science and with assessment content. $30-35/hour (5-month contract) BrainPop is another company that hires in about half of US-states!

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